Welcome to “Always On The Fly”. It’s hard to believe we have been cruising across America for over SIX years. Annually, we revisit some of our favorite places and mix in some new discoveries along the way. Deb and I continue to enjoy Full time RV-ing and the adventures it provides us

The many National & State Parks, the Campgrounds & RV Parks, the Scenic Byways & Daytrips AND the many (Debbie inspired) off-road excursions have offered us to see things that aren’t seen or shared by many. We’ve learned that the more we discover, the more there is to discover.

 A simple “how-to” for Navigation on our site is provided by two rows of Titles. The Titles with tiny drop-down arrows indicate there are multiple items under that heading.

OnTheFly Travelogue is a summary of our travels with photos and highlights of where we have been and what we have done.

Deb’s Darkroom is a collection of her film portfolio. All of the photos posted here were developed in our motorhome!

National Parks are listings (by state) of the ones we have visited, with links!

State Parks are listings (by state) of the ones we have visited, also with links!

States Visited An annual map of the states we have been to. We originally aspired to see all 50 but quickly realized there is still way too much to see in the 36 we have visited and now seek out new nooks and crannies in the places we revisit.

Museums & Attractions Another listing (by state) of museums and attractions we have visited. Some states have more scenic drives than others, other have more Pueblo ruins than others. We have tried to sort it out for you and guarantee that there are some places here that Google would have a hard time finding! This year we have provided a Google Map with links to the 67 Museums we have visited in our travels since we left Virginia in 2017.

The Never-Ending Roadtrip If you like maps, you will love following our journey. The highway routes we took, where stopped along the way and where we stayed. Hopefully it will inspire others to follow our footsteps and get out on the road. This year our blogs will directly support the The Never Ending Roadtrip maps.

BucketlistThese pages will contain a list of “Can’t miss” places that we have experienced. Might be a bridge, a waterfall, or a taco truck. Some “lists” will be for a state and others will provide more granularity for a specific city or geographic area. We hope it will help others who are having a hard time deciding where to go and what to see. Deb and I would like to share as much of our travels as possible..
what to seSee AmericaA summary of our annual travels, events and destinations. We continue to enjoy photography immensely. I have several options for digital photos and Deb is keenly adept at film photography, shooting medium and large format cameras and develops her craft in our motorhome. Even though its “digital”, her stories on Instagram would make Charles Kuralt take notice. We provide photos in our Blog and have a separate Travel Gallery on Flickr for you to enjoy.

We encourage you to ask questions,

Why we chose a certain route.

How long to stay in Rapid City South Dakota?

Top three things to do at Yosemite?

Is Full time RVing for you?

We also hope that you will provide feedback (Likes/Dislikes) so that we can improve our website and make it more useful and beneficial for everyone.

Many thanks to those that have tagged along on our journey, we look forward to your continued support and welcome to the newbies that just got here.

Hope to see you out on the road.

Chuck & Deb

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