After our extended stay at Kirtland AFB in Albuquerque for over three months, Deb and I […]
Deb and I were back on the road on the 8th of March, destination Alamogordo New […]
Arizona Blog It has been a long winter, Deb and I are back on the road, […]
Since Deb and I left Virginia in 2017 we have traveled 27,202 miles, traveled in 36 […]
Our time in Oregon was pretty spectacular.  It always great to see new territory and visit […]
Our Washington adventure is now a thing of the past, we were heading down I-5, still […]
With Glacier National Park and Kootenai Falls fading in the rear-view mirror, Deb and I were […]
We hated to leave Yellowstone National Park and the nearby Livingston, Montana area. Debbie and I […]
Our stay in South Dakota was stimulating, Deb and I both agreed that it’s an area […]
As we left the Chicago metropolitan area, we quickly discovered the impact that all the spring […]
See America 07/24/2020 “Northwest Passage”

Miles Traveled

Total – 30,603                       2020 – 3639

States Visited

Total – 36                               2020 – 7

National Parks

Total – 67                               2020 – 7

State Parks

Total – 52                               2020 – 3

Campgrounds                       2020 – 15

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