Deb’s Darkroom

Welcome to the page that I am dedicating to my personal film photography.  I will be include details about the film and developing techniques I used, as well as information about the camera and lens combo.

2 thoughts on “Deb’s Darkroom

  1. Hello Chuck and Deb,
    George Holmes referred me to your site and I thought I would catch up with your travels. He said you have a Super-C. We are not going to full-time it but are planning some months-long trips beginning this summer and are looking for some insights. Our rig is a Dynamax Series 5 Isata, so at the low end of Super-C rigs. Do you have a home base that you can go back to?

    For background, I am a retired submarine Sonarman (2000) and I have recently retired from Government Service. My wife is a retired Maryland State Park Ranger. We retired at the end of December of 2018.

    1. Thanks Darrell for checking in.. No more home base, unless you call a storage unit “Home”.. we recently revisited Virginia to see the kids and now ramping up for another adventure out west….

      Stay tuned,,,always nice to connect via old shipmates…

      Chuck & Deb

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