Summer in the “Land of Enchantment”


Yes, we are back! Actually, we never left but got very complacent in posting updates on our Travel Blog and providing any information about our travels in the past year.  Before we dive onto our sixth season of RV travel, we want to get you caught up and share this year’s adventures

We are no strangers to the “Land of Enchantment” (LOE) and hope to share more of the scenic back roads of New Mexico. We’ve already updated the website to reflect this year’s travels. Deb has provided more awesome pix in her “Deb’s Darkroom, there are up to date maps of our summer trips in New Mexico.  The blogs will mirror those maps contained in “The Never-Ending Road Trip”. 

Soon there will be substance behind the Bucketlist! AND of course, we will share photos of the places we discovered. Some you’ll find in the state tourism literature and others are a bit off the beaten track.


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  1. I love our web site! Great job Chuckie!

    1. ChasOnDaFly Avatar

      thanks babe

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